Entry and Bedroom

[Apologies for all the posting. I’m moving material over from one platform to another…]
This was our first impression of the place. That’s actual hardwood in the entry, there was linoleum in the kitchen and bath and carpet everywhere else. We replaced everywhere except the bathroom with a cherry laminate that we got for pretty cheap at Lumber Liquidators. The floors throughout were very uneven and in the process of correcting that anything original would have been covered up anyway. That’s the bedroom to the right. 
After the tenant left. It already looks better! That’s our friend Chris’s purse holding that door open. And that’s her arm and leg in the kitchen door in the background 🙂

We removed the door from the entry way to the living room first thing. Changed the light fixture – and for the record every light fixture in the house was changed so I won’t keep repeating that. And you probably noticed the hutch is gone in the background. We love how that opened everything up as soon as you walk in. More on that later.

 Added a mirror, shoe rack, hooks for coats and stuff, and a place to sit while you’re putting on your shoes. The floor looks the same but this is the cherry laminate that I mentioned earlier. Looks very similar! The art mimics what we had in the entry way in Davis. And we painted – everything that was white stayed white, everything that was beige is now yellow throughout the house, except the kitchen and bathroom where it is a very pale green.

  Looking back through the entry to the front door.

This what the bedroom looked like when the tenants were in it. 

This is our stuff with new paint and new flooring. I’ve had this bed since the mid-90’s. It comes in handy in this small room since it has so much storage. (Hey Mary, if you’re reading this do you recognize the afghan?)

We got a chest of drawers from IKEA (where most things in this house came from) and had it built into the closet. While we joke about how much we love our “little crooked house” (because it is Very Crooked), in this photo it’s just a bad shot!

All of the above was originally written in 2015 and moved here on 5/25/2020. To see the inside of the house, go to Living Room next.

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