• [Most of this was written during our layover in London on Saturday. It’s now 4:40am on Sunday, January 10. I’ve gotten a total of about […]

  • It’s 1pm Saturday London time. Dan and I are having lunch in the British Airways lounge. He’s playing a video game on his iPad that […]

  • I got up about 6:30am; Dan about an hour later. He woke up with that tell-tale scratch in the back of his throat. Bummer. He felt worse […]

  • We slept until the alarm went off…the first snooze, actually, which was 6:40am. That clocked me in at about 7.5 hours, Dan at about 6. […]

  • Dan finally caught up on sleep, getting about 9 hours. I did OK at 6, although they weren’t very restful. The cold is moving on […]

  • I slept on and off for about 6 hours, Dan only slept 2 or 3. I was up around 5am, did some work until 6:30 […]

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