• I woke up a little before 5 I believe, so maybe 6.5 hours sleep which is normal for me and the best of the last […]

  • I don’t remember now what time I got up, but I didn’t sleep long; 4:45 or 5:45, so only 4-5 hours either way. Seems to […]

  • Today was an adventure. Literally. As in Puerto Vallarta Outdoor Adventure, courtesy of Vallarta Adventures, a tour company “inspired by nature.” It was the one […]

  • I had zero problems getting to sleep last night and slept straight through about 6.5 hours, which is decent for me. Up a little before […]

  • This is my 2nd trip to Puerto Vallarta, having come here the same weekend – President’s Day – last year. Spending some time with my […]

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