This is where the most work was done. Again, a gut job. All new appliances, cabinets, flooring, and the hutch removed. The only thing that stayed the same is the water heater, which you can barely see behind Dan in the photo below.

That’s Oakley, our general contractor.
 Only the window is the same. You also get another perspective on how different the place feels with that wall next to the stove being gone.

Here’s a good “during” shot where you can really see how everything was stripped. This is sink side. They had to build up space in the wall for plumbing and electrical stuff, and the room ended up being 4 inches less wide than we anticipated. Then we lost another 2 inches on the other side due to window sills essentially, and had to cut our peninsula cabinet back 6 inches, after we’d already put in the bigger one. Now we have an extra 30 in wide cabinet we’re not quite sure what to do with 🙂 Will probably put it in the downstairs unit somewhere. There were several of these measuring “oops – didn’t think of that” things that happened along the way.
Before. These two are my favorite comparisons. 

Our favorite thing about the kitchen is the granite. Here’s what it looked like in one piece. It’s called “multi-color pebble” and was the most unique of the many we looked at. 
A couple of closeups around the sink. 

All of the above was originally written in 2015 and moved here on 5/25/2020. To see the inside of the house, go to Laundry and Office next.

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