Living Room (part 2)

[Apologies for all the posting. I’m moving material over from one platform to another…]
This is the entrance to the bathroom from the living room. You’ll see in the “after” photo the door has moved. I included some construction shots in between just for fun.
Wall is out but door still in the same place. They literally cut it out moved it to the right. It’s the same door, same framing.
And you no longer walk into the toilet. While I don’t have an “after” photo, that toilet has been turned so that you’re facing the window if sitting on it.
Door now on the right. IKEA cabinets added to the living room.
OK, movie aficionados, what’s Bette’s next line?

bAll of the above was originally written in 2015 and moved here on 5/25/2020. To see the inside of the house, go to Bathroom next.

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