• I’m writing the first portion of this post on Sunday evening, July 26. I’m on vacation this coming week and staying at a hotel a […]

  • We closed on this property I believe on July 23, 2015, give or take a day or few. Nearly 5 years later, the first step […]

  • It’s Memorial Day during the COVID-19 pandemic. While I probably could have come up with something to do if I really wanted to, I’m one […]

  • I think these are pretty self-explanatory. Paint, new cabinets, appliances and light fixtures. Before. After. Notice the light fixture is skewed. That’s on purpose so […]

  • This is where the most work was done. Again, a gut job. All new appliances, cabinets, flooring, and the hutch removed. The only thing that […]

  • [Apologies for all the posting. I’m moving material over from one platform to another…] Because we lined up the sink, shower and toilet all on […]

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