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November 2014

Day 4 (Thursday, 11.27.14): Cozumel – Jon’s Neighborhood, Final Thoughts

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It is now actually Friday morning, around 11am Central Time. I’m writing this in the American Airlines lounge at DFW. Because flights into and out of Cozumel are so limited, in both directions we’ve had an overnight in a DFW hotel. In a way it made it more relaxing. We had a nice dinner last […]

Day 3 (Wednesday, 11.26.14): Chichen Itza

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After a really good night’s sleep for all of us, we headed down to breakfast at 7am. We are at the very beginning of “high season” in this region – Jon says it really starts to pick up the weekend after Thanksgiving so we’re getting out just in time. So there weren’t a lot of […]

Day 2 (Tuesday, 11.25.14): Valladolid & the X’keken Cenote

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Yesterday, Tuesday, felt like a really long day because by the time we got back to our hotel I was beat, pretty much went straight to bed and slept 8.5 hours, very rare for me. Hence, no blog update yesterday. We got an early start again, leaving Jon’s place around 6:15am and walking to the […]

Day 1: Cozumel

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So technically this isn’t Day 1, more like Day 1.5. And it depends on who you ask. It’s Day 2 or 2.5 for Dan. We were both traveling last week – me to Ohio, Dan to North Carolina. I got home on Friday, left on Saturday to come in this direction. But since you can’t […]