• We packed it in until the end. We had a 10am Walking Tour scheduled – with the same guy who did the one Friday we […]

  • We had come to NYC in 2014 after returning from 2 weeks in Europe, mostly as part of a strategy for managing jetlag and layovers. […]

  • No Oxford Part 2 we decided. Dan was over it by the time we woke up. We thought about all the options of returning and […]

  • Turned out to be a frustrating travel day. I suppose you have to have them sometime. If so, it’s nice to have them in great […]

  • We both slept about 8 hours, waking up at 7am, definitely sleeping in for us. We went down for breakfast and figured out how to […]

  • Dan was asleep early last night, like 8:30, and was up by 4am and stayed up. I went to bed about 10:30 and slept through […]

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