• I got up about 4am after 5 hours of pretty good sleep. I wrote Saturday’s blog and Dan was up right as I posted it. […]

  • We were both incredibly tired last night – probably from the 26 hour day since we picked up 2 extra hours between Istanbul and England, […]

  • We got up at 5:30, had a quick breakfast downstairs then took the taxi to the airport. We go there at 6:50 for an 8:50 […]

  • We both got decent sleep, had breakfast in the hotel and went out for our last day in Istanbul just before 9am. It was a […]

  • Thankfully, I slept about 7 hours last night with only a couple of interruptions. Dan slept well, too, so we were glad to be ready […]

  • Dan made up for his bad first night last night and slept easily until 6am, about 7 hours. He says he would have slept longer […]

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