All of this doing nothing makes the days really blend together. Just saying, not complaining. It was Wednesday all day in my head for some reason, but in reality only Tuesday.

I got the blog up as usual and we went out for a quick walk for Paul, to Good Life Café again for coffee. I had my usual latte and got a buttermilk blueberry muffin as well, for some reason I was starving. It was very tasty and just what I needed. We rushed back because we both had 9am calls: Ash with his personal trainer, me with the WordPress guy I hired (who, in less than an hour, fixed the main thing I wanted him to address and I was super pleased with that all day).

After our calls. Ash fixed something to eat. Very similar to the day before as seen above: eggs, potatoes, carrots, asparagus. After we ate I sat on the deck for a bit – beautiful day this day was – and noticed, again, people walking on the beach. But noted that we hadn’t seen it yet. So we went for a walk in search of it.

Photo of "the back" of the church as seen from the street.

One of the girls staying at Ricci’s said “I’ve never been there, but I understand there are stairs behind the church that will take you there.” I showed the church in a photo taken from the hills on Sunday’s entry but we hadn’t been to it yet so we made our way. It’s literally in the corner of town by the water where BigRiver runs into the ocean so there’s nothing in front of it, therefore the back of it is what faces the street, as seen above.

This is the front of the street, which looks out into preserved land and the ocean.

Sign in the photo reads "Big River Beach"

Shown above is the area of land in front of the church, you can barely see the water dead center.

The sound of waves coming in is one of my favorite in the world. There weren’t many people out. There aren’t many tourists during the week and it was super cold.

Ash and Paul walking along the beach.

Pacific Coast Highway 1 going over Big River.

Since we can see the beach from our deck we wanted to see the cottage from the beach. Walk two feet in either direction from where I’m standing and the trees get in the way so it took us a minute to actually find it. But there it is, just above dead center perched on the hill.

I zoomed 10x to get this so that’s why it’s a little blurry. But this was definitely it, down to the covered entry on the left and the dead tree standing just to the left of that.

We sat on that log on the right for a bit just to listen.

From there I watched the confluence of Big River with the Pacific Ocean. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but you can see if you look carefully water flowing both from the left – the river – and the waves coming in from the right.

It was a decent walk down here, as those stairs go up just as high again – probably a higher – past Ash.

The church again from the land in front, with the stairs left of center. The local guys we encountered on our way in were still sitting there, and we could smell the pot they were smoking from here!

The one gas station in town is right next to the church.

By far the most expensive gas we’ve ever seen in this country: $6.48 for regular, $6.58 for super, $6.72 for diesel. By comparison, regular gas at Costco back home is about $3.50 last time I noticed.

Ash had a 1pm Zoom call with his recovery family and I sat here for the whole hour and probably slept some. I had a 2pm call with the woman who will be my #2 at the new job and was very happy with that way that went. After that Ash spent probably 1.5 hours on the phone talking to his mortgage broker about refinancing his house, and I continued to sit/nap right here. We finally went out again around 4:45 to get another walk in and pick up a few things at the market on the way back.

You’ve been here before but not in great weather like this. Love all the blues.

Another nice shot of the town, this time including the church. You can really see from this perspective how off in the corner it is.

One of the things we picked up from the market was a baguette, seen above with some roasted garlic which we’d brought with us. The chicken and the pasta were leftovers from 2 different previous meals, and the carrots were fresh. That was dinner, with a piece of cheesecake from the restaurant the night before which we’d taken to go. We shared it and agreed it was maybe the best cheesecake we’ve ever had.

We watched Nomadland on Hulu from my laptop in the evening and that was our day. Exciting stuff! But lovely.


  1. Karen Keene March 17, 2021 at 8:14 am - Reply

    Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures and dialogue of your trip. Such a beautiful place! The ocean beaches and picturesque town are lovely. So glad you are taking this time to rest, relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. Take care, Karen

    • Steve Haas March 17, 2021 at 8:19 am - Reply

      Thanks! Having a lovely time for sure. Glad you’re enjoying it.

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