I went to bed around midnight Friday night and slept until after 7:30. Everything about that statement is unusual if you’re me. I ate a quick breakfast at the hotel and then went over to Jon’s to do the blog. Since everything from the Extreme adventure was on USB, I had no way of uploading because my devices won’t connect to the hotel wireless due to weak security. Luckily it wasn’t a problem at Jon’s. In fact, my phone automatically connected when I got there because I have been there before to use his wireless.

He wasn’t prepared for this but had veto power and picked this one of the several I snapped.

I got the blog up around 12:30 and we went out for lunch. He took me to one of his favorite places, Mi Cafe.

We had a nice walk over the river, Rio Cuale.

The outside of the restaurant didn’t photograph well but the inside was fun and lively. That’s Jon’s back in the white shirt on the right.

Because where I’ve stayed has always included breakfast, I have never gone out before. So even though it was 1 o’clock, since breakfast was still on the menu that’s what I had. 

Cinnamon French toast with bacon and a side of breakfast sausage. Jon had chiliquiles, a dish of eggs, chicken, onions and other things in a spicy broth ladled over tortilla chips.

After, Jon went home for a nap. I went back to my hotel. I was going to do some reading on the top floor. I discovered I was the only one there and what I thought was a hot tub was a regular pool. I went back to my room and changed into swimming trunks. I sat in the pool enjoying the sun for the next hour and was the only one there the entire time. It is so rare that I just do nothing like that, and to do it without anyone else around was magical.

Jon picked me up around 4:30. Then we picked up his friend Christopher, Christopher’s sister Melissa, and her husband Richard. We had all gone whale watching together last year, a trip that Christopher had arranged. We had discussed then doing some thing again when we were all back this year and tonight was the night.

And what we were doing is a very popular Puerto Vallarta Adventures activity called Rhythms of the Night. We drove over to the marina, and boarded around 5:30.

The crew for the evening: Melissa, Richard, Christopher, Jon, me.

It was an hour ride across the bay which garnered some beautiful views.

That bird led the way for much of the trip.

We got to our destination just as the sun was setting.

The banks of the water were staged with what would be our dining area.

There was a variety of things to hear and see on our way to dinner.

This was the view from our table before the sun set completely.

It was a nice buffet meal.

That required 2 helpings!

And a handful of desserts to sample.

A little after 8pm we were ushered into an amphitheater for the show.

The show was very entertaining. Great music and amazing dancing, much of it including elements of both ballet and acrobats. And lots of straight acrobatics as well.

Those are drummers being brought down from on high on a crane. The same crane was used in a complicated couples dance later.

Notice the upside down guy in the middle.

These guys were probably the most fun.

This trio was the most breathtaking and somewhat painful to watch because of the postures they would get into. I was too busy watching to take photos it the complicated moves they did.

Notice the height of the guy relative to the costume.

This was a difficult to catch on film. There were five or six guys swinging aggressively and one at a time jumping into the large sheet on the left. If you look carefully you can see a blur of a guy high in the middle of the photo.

The show ended about 9:40.

As we approached the marina we were treated to a short fireworks display. We docked about 10:45.

It was a really enjoyable evening: great company, food, and entertainment, with a relaxing boat ride as bookends.

I did this entry from my phone at breakfast in the hotel. I will go to Jon’s in a bit to visit over coffee, and we have dinner plans later this evening. Nothing else planned beyond that so we will see how the day develops

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