• It’s about 10:30am and I made it to the American Airlines lounge in under 3 hours, door-to-door. When I booked my flight out for 2:30pm, […]

  • I was up about 2am after maybe 4 hours of sleep, but felt fine. Probably because of the dozing I’d done in the tour van […]

  • On Monday I got up about 4am after about 6 hours sleep, which is very normal for me. I got the blog up before heading […]

  • I slept about 7 hours, getting up around 5:30am which felt like sleeping in given my most recent pattern, so was thrilled about that. Breakfast […]

  • I had a 6am flight to Phoenix. I always tend to get a little wired from excitement before a trip. My sleep has been weird […]

  • The morning before Thanksgiving it suddenly sunk in that I was going to have a 5-day weekend heading into Christmas and I had zero plans. […]

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