2021 Europe: Day 6 – Zermatt

It is early Saturday morning and this is the post for Friday, September 3, so I’ll be all caught up assuming I get this posted before we head out for the day. Whew!

We each slept close to 8 hours, getting up after 7:30am.

Ash went to the bakery around the corner while I worked on the blog. He came back and made the perfect, simple European breakfast: scrambled eggs, croissant with great butter, a clean white cheese. Lovely.

tables and chairs on a wide sidewalk, tennis courts behind that, hotels and mountains behind that

We made our way out just before 10am. The weather was great so far, although when we went to bed last night rain was in the forecast for about this time. It had been pushed to 1pm so we were happy about that. This is just one of several random photos of the town you’ll see.

matterhorn with the town in front of it

And you’ll probably get tired of this shot! But it will also show the weather as we go through the day.

matterhorn with two guys flying way above

The point of this photo is to notice the 2 parasailers way at the top!

The river is Matter Vispa. This stage of it which runs through the town is very controlled, fueling a hydroelectric power plant. Also to manage flooding I would imagine.

A less controlled version of the river further up the mountain.

Sign reads Gornerschlucht

We were headed to Gorner Gorge, created as the Gorner Glacier made its way down the mountain. This sign appeared at the end of our trail actually, I’d just forgotten to take a photo of the little cabin at the entrance where we paid our entrance fee of 5 Francs each.

Ash on a wooden trail in the woods at the edge of the gorge

One of many feeble attempts to capture the steepness of it all.

wooden trail built as a ledge on the mountain. two people in front of us

There were a decent number of people out.

A look back at the wooden ledge

Whenever I’m doing something like this at these heights I imagine the poor workers who built this. The engineering is amazing to me. How do you even start?

Another attempt at steepness.

The point of this photo is to capture how close you are to the mountain, that rock protruding inches away from my head.

Who can photoshop that face onto the photo above it?

Waterfall into a pond with water about the shade of light teal

There was a landing here with a bench that we sat on for 10 minutes probably just listening to the sound of the water flowing.

Here’s a little sample of the sound for you. It’s flowing at a pretty brisk pace, I thought, since it’s nothing but melted snow and already September. Gives you an idea of just now much snow this area gets.

Looking back down as we made our way out of the gorge.

Ash on the right side of the trail, with trees in the foreground and the town in the distance but center and mountains and blue sky behind that.

A lovely shot of the town as we made our way back.

A meadow surrounded by trees and moutains.

I swear I head Julie Andrews in my head as soon as we entered this clearing.

It’s now about 11:30am. The forecast has pushed the rain out to 3pm.

We ended up on the same walk we were on last night coming back from the restaurant.

We went back to the room to rest a bit and decide what to do next. The rain at this point had been pushed to 4pm so we definitely wanted to get out again. We’d gone to bed last night thinking we’d have to stay in most of the afternoon due to rain so were pleased that the weather was working in our favor.

Konditorei is the German word for patisserie. Fuchs is a little chain that apparently only exists in Zermatt, but there are 3 of them here! The one around the corner from us is where Ash got the croissants this morning. This is in another part of town and has a lovely place to sit outside so we did.

Coffee and treats. The vanilla crème inside that Napoleon was incredible. I’m blanking on the name of that item on the right, but it’s chocolate on the bottom with a crisp caramel and nut thing on top, very thin. Yummy.

Can you get more charming than a horse drawn carriage?

It’s about 2:30pm. The forecast has pushed the rain now to 6pm but you can see clouds forming. We went back to our room and just relaxed (or worked on the blog if you’re me!) and talked about travel plans for 2022.

We went out again about 6:30pm for dinner. The last photo of flower beds dripping off of buildings, I promise.

The place we had dinner at Thursday night was rated #2 on TripAdvisor. L’Atelier Grandsire was rated #1.

They seemed surprised that we preferred to sit outside. Yet prepared as the place the night before was with the furs on the chairs. She lit the heater for us as well but at this point it was only about 57 and didn’t feel that cold yet. It was 46 when we got up by the way.

She indicated the servings were all pretty small and suggested 3 courses plus dessert so that’s what we did. This was Ash’s first course and my second: tuna carpaccio, with a green pea sorbet. Delicious.

This was my first course and may have been the best bite of the whole trip so far: a very creamy burrata on top of tomatoes done 2 different ways in this amazing broth with olive oil and I don’t know what else. That crispy thing on top tasted exactly like tomato soup. I loved every spoonful.

Ash’s second course was a ravioli that was just as good, maybe better, than that burrata dish.

It took me longer than it should have to realize the butter for the bread was molded like the Matterhorn.

Ash’s 3rd course was a scallop with sweet potato and nuts.

Mine was a pork belly – cooked for 36 hours – and sweat potato. Terrific.

The waitress was very friendly and offered to take our photo which was very nice and turned out well.

Ash had tiramisu for dessert. Here it doesn’t have any alcohol in it.

This was 4 different kinds of berries, served warm in a great sauce, with a little bit of ice cream.

We both agreed this was the best meal of the trip so far.

It is coming up on 6:30am Saturday morning and once I post this I will be caught up. Sweet.

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  1. The chocolate on the bottom with a crisp caramel and nut thing on top is a Florentine (Tuscan cookie). One of my favorites.

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