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February 2018

Day 4 in PV: Home & Final Thoughts – Monday, Feb 19

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I slept good, waking up about 6:45. Started working on the blog and went to sit outside around 7:30 once it got light enough. The kitchen already had coffee ready so that was good. I eventually had them make me some scrambled eggs. And yes, writing the blog beyond photo captioning definitely takes longer! I […]

Day 3 in PV: Sunday, Feb 18


The hotel WiFi is working again so I’m happy about that. It’s funny how the blog has become such a normal part of any trip that it felt really strange not to be able to work on it. And I was a little panicked; I’ve never gotten a day behind before – although the final […]

Day 2 in PV: Saturday, Feb 17

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It’s about 9:20am Sunday morning and I’m writing this at Jon’s. The WiFi at the hotel has been down since yesterday evening so I’m feeling very behind. Will see if I get can this done in record time! I didn’t do much yesterday but still wound up with 62 photos uploaded. We’ll see if I […]

Day 1 in PV: Friday, Feb 16

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What is that noise? Where am I? Those were my first thoughts when I woke up yesterday at 3:30am, annoyingly to the alarm I’d set to catch the 6am flight the day before, not realizing it was still active. And it took me a second to remember where I was. I tried to go back […]

Departure: Thursday, Feb 15


The year got off to a very busy start. The nature of my job started shifting quickly as a project I’d begun in November 2017 started to take off.  It’s in the area of organizational development – org design, leadership development, succession planning – and much needed since this 40 year old company has never […]