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Originally from San Antonio, TX, have lived in Sacramento, CA since 1988 and have trouble imagining living anywhere other than Northern California. Love to travel, albeit a somewhat recently acquired bug in the scheme of things, and my travel blogs have become a thing in and of themselves which I value immensely. I'm also a recovering alcoholic, sober since 1991, and through that path have dabbled in a wide array of spiritual teachings, which I use to frame, shape and determine how I interpret life and take the next step. Living in the Gray is where I work some of this out.

Easter for the non-religious (Revisited)

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April 21, 2019 I originally wrote this on April 5, 2015. The “Indiana” nonsense was about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that had just passed there. Opponents of the law believed it targeted LGBT folks, and with good reason. I called it nonsense then because of what I believe to be true about Christianity, although […]


Last day in PV: Monday, Feb 18


I woke up a little before 5 I believe, so maybe 6.5 hours sleep which is normal for me and the best of the last several nights. I woke up with that anticipation I always get about going home, this bizarre mix of working in the last pieces of vacation, making final preparations to leave, […]

Day 3 in PV: Sunday, Feb 17

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I don’t remember now what time I got up, but I didn’t sleep long; 4:45 or 5:45, so only 4-5 hours either way. Seems to be the way this trip is going. But I don’t feel too worn out, although that probably fed into the decisions I made about today’s itinerary. (As an aside, here’s […]

Day 2 in PV: Saturday, Feb 16


Today was an adventure. Literally. As in Puerto Vallarta Outdoor Adventure, courtesy of Vallarta Adventures, a tour company “inspired by nature.” It was the one thing I knew for sure I wanted to do when I decided to return to PV, and what I’ve been looking forward to the most. It did not disappoint. I […]

Day 1 in PV: Friday, Feb 15


I had zero problems getting to sleep last night and slept straight through about 6.5 hours, which is decent for me. Up a little before 6, I worked on the blog in my room until I could hear the ladies in the kitchen next door. My room is right next to the kitchen and the […]

Departure: Sacramento to Puerto Vallarta (Thu, Feb 14)


This is my 2nd trip to Puerto Vallarta, having come here the same weekend – President’s Day – last year. Spending some time with my good friend, Jon Scott, was what got me here last year, along with the seductive idea of doing not much for several days. It’s for those same reasons that I […]

Day 13: The Way Home; Final Thoughts


It’s Saturday, September 1, 2018, as I type 7:53am Eastern Time. I’ve been on the road really since Thursday, August 16, when I left Sacramento for the Bay Area. I am beyond ready to be home. I woke up around 3:30am. It was at least the 2nd time I’d woke after getting to sleep around […]

Day 12: Seeing Friends in NYC


I got about 5 hours sleep on Thursday night, waking up Friday before 5am. I started working on the blog in my room and went down for coffee when the restaurant opened at 7am. I just had on cup and a croissant; I was only staying about 30 minutes and hoping to get the blog […]

Day 11: NYC – Downton Abbey Exhibition, Empire State Building


I managed to sleep until 6am, so like 6.5 hours I guess, but it wasn’t a fit sleep. I was planning on just having breakfast in the hotel restaurant but it didn’t open until 7am, and this was not a good hanging out room so I went for a walk. The hotel is on the […]

Day 10: London to New York City


This will be the easiest blog entry ever. It was pretty much just a travel day so not much to report on. I don’t remember what time I woke up but seem to recall it was reasonably late, for me anyway, like 6am. I responded to emails, etc, packed and left probably around 7:30. It […]

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