• I was up by 6am this morning and did the writing part of the blog from yesterday. I was unusually tired last night so just […]

  • I got up about 7am, got the 2nd load of laundry in the wash and figured out what we would do today. Dan was up […]

  • We woke up before 6am naturally; the alarm was set for 7 just in case. We were ready to go. We get like that. When […]

  • It’s hard to believe this was our 5th day in Paris. It went by Really Fast. Dan and I were saying earlier that Normandy seems […]

  • We both got good sleep last night –  7 hours for me, 10.5 for Dan. He’s still not quite 100% but getting decent sleep helped […]

  • It’s 10:40am, Dan is still asleep. He didn’t sleep well last night so I’m glad he’s getting some rest now. We had plans to leave […]

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