• It’s Saturday, September 1, 2018, as I type 7:53am Eastern Time. I’ve been on the road really since Thursday, August 16, when I left Sacramento […]

  • I got about 5 hours sleep on Thursday night, waking up Friday before 5am. I started working on the blog in my room and went […]

  • I managed to sleep until 6am, so like 6.5 hours I guess, but it wasn’t a fit sleep. I was planning on just having breakfast […]

  • This will be the easiest blog entry ever. It was pretty much just a travel day so not much to report on. I don’t remember […]

  • It’s Tuesday, this is my last day in London. Did it on foot for the most part and it was my 2nd highest walking of […]

  • I started Monday with a good 7 hours of sleep, waking around 5am. I finished the blog and went in search of breakfast. This is […]

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