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Day 6: Paris to London


This was one of those days when it wasn’t always fun to travel, but it turned out great in the end, which makes me appreciate it that much more. As someone said to me earlier today: no rain, no rainbows 🙂 I got up about 6:20, so roughly 6.5 hours sleep, not too bad. Started […]

Day 3: Paris, Part 2 – Montmartre and the Louvre


Wednesday got off to a normal start finally – up at 5am, worked on the blog for a couple of hours then went downstairs for breakfast to finish it. I either didn’t realize or had forgotten that I picked places that included breakfast – for some reason I’ve been envisioning having to go out every […]

Day 2: Paris, Part 1 – Roaming


It is 5am on Wednesday morning and I’m writing the blog entry for Tuesday. All is right with the world. It’s funny how out-of-sorts I was the start of the last couple of days over bad internet connections getting in the way of what has so become my travel routine. I kept having to remind […]

Departure: Sacramento to Cologne: Thu, 8/16 thru Sun 8/19


Because I had a 6:25am flight out of SFO on Saturday morning, I’d planned all along to spend that Friday night in South San Francisco so it would be easy to get to. Turned out I had to work in Oakland all day on Friday so I added a night to my reservation and went […]

Pre-Departure and General Updates


Are you ready?  Next Saturday, August 18, I have a 6:30am flight from SFO to Heathrow. As is now my custom, this is an introductory post to catch you up on what’s going on with us and give a preview of the trip. Back to Europe again. This will be my 7th trip to Europe. […]

Final Days: Home via NYC

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We left London early Saturday morning on May 24. And I mean early: out of the flat by 5:30am. We took a bus then the subway to Heathrow for an 8:30am flight to NYC. This was our 3rd time in Heathrow on this trip and I still didn’t take any pictures of the lounge! We […]

Day 9: Paris to Edinburgh

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We woke up before 6am naturally; the alarm was set for 7 just in case. We were ready to go. We get like that. When we’re done we’re done and we want to move on. And we were done with Paris sometime yesterday. As amazing as it is, 5 days was definitely enough at one […]

Day 8: Paris, Part 5: Notre Dame, Musee Rodin, Strike!

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It’s hard to believe this was our 5th day in Paris. It went by Really Fast. Dan and I were saying earlier that Normandy seems like FOREVER ago. That was just Sunday; this is Thursday; hard to believe! Same routine this morning with breakfast. Dan’s feeling mostly better, we got a reasonable start out, leaving […]

Day 7: Paris, Part 4 – Versailles and The Louvre

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We both got good sleep last night –  7 hours for me, 10.5 for Dan. He’s still not quite 100% but getting decent sleep helped a lot. I was up for 2.5 hours before him so did my thing with coffee, Churchill, and a stroll through the neighborhood. I took this opportunity to grab some […]

Day 6: Paris, Part 3 – Musee d’Orsay

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It’s 10:40am, Dan is still asleep. He didn’t sleep well last night so I’m glad he’s getting some rest now. We had plans to leave by 8am; he needs to get to a Bayer office here in Paris to take care of a computer issue he’s having as he still needs to do some work […]