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Day 17 in NYC: Final thoughts, home

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Saturday, July 13. It’s funny. On Friday, I wasn’t ready for the trip to be over. Which is unusual at that stage, especially for a long trip. By the time I woke up on Saturday, I was. And when I’m ready to go, I’m ready to go and I’d rather just get moving. I got […]

Day 16 in NYC: Museum of Jewish Heritage; Village wanderings

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Friday, July 12. Thankfully the rain had passed overnight and there was no more in the forecast. I got the blog up around 9am and made my way out. I took a bus to Journal Square PATH, only made a huge rookie mistake, and got on the bus from the wrong side of the street, […]

Day 15 in NYC: The Frick Collection, a lunch date, and Off Broadway Puffs

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Thursday, July 11. I’d gone to bed late for me and slept in until almost 7am, which is really late for me. There wasn’t much to the blog entry from the day before so had it up before 8:30am. The first thing I had planned was a lunch date at 1pm so I had plenty […]

Day 14 in NYC: More neighborhood roaming; The Prom

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Wednesday, July 10. I only had 2 things planned for this day: lunch with friends at the Empire State Building, and visiting Alphabet City, a neighborhood within the East Village. Mostly I walked – over 10 miles according to the step counter on my phone. And, as I review the photos, I realized my fascination […]

Day 13 in NYC: Fort Tryon Park & The Cloisters; Harlem; Dear Evan Hansen

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Tuesday, July 9. I did what I’d planned the day before and took advantage of The Met’s 3 day pass to visit another museum. Since I’d taken the prior day off I won’t have time for the other one. Oh well. I had a little bit of leftover Cuban food for breakfast!, and made my […]

Day 12 in NYC: A day off in the East Village & Greenwich Village

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The weather this morning was as predicted: light rain on and off all morning. I used that as an excuse to stay in and get caught up on banking, personal emails, and some website maintenance I’d been putting off. All after I got the blog up, of course. The only sure thing I had planned […]

Day 11 in NYC: Sun, 7/6 – The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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I’d gotten a much needed 7 hours sleep, the most on this trip I think. I got the blog up around 9:30 and started making my way over to the only thing I had on the agenda for the day: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. AKA “The Met”, it is the largest museum in the […]

Day 10 in NYC: Sat, 7/6 – (some) Brooklyn and Book of Mormon


Yesterday was day 10 on the ground, 11 if you count the departure day which started as a red-eye flight. I was starting to feel the pace. Self-imposed as it is – and unlikely to change – I realized in most recent trips about this time I would be winding down, but I still have […]

Day 9 in NYC: Fri, 7/5 – Hudson Yards, The High Line & The Vessel; Wicked

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I slept well, got the blog up and made my way out about 10am. I was meeting a friend for lunch and wasn’t too hungry for some reason so just decided to wait until we were meeting about Noon to eat. I took the 119 bus from Jersey City into Midtown. It stops at the […]

Day 8 in NYC: Thu, 7/4 – Roaming Manhattan

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I had zero plans for the day when I woke up, around 6am I guess. The blog was easy to put together since I’d only done Cursed Child the day before so not many photos or much to write. So what to do with a full unstructured day? Making it up as I go along […]