• I woke up about 2am on Saturday after just 4 hours of sleep. If I’m going to go back to sleep it will happen fast, […]

  • I had a very full day of work on Friday but managed to shut down just after 5pm, which was the earliest I’d stopped working […]

  • Thursday went much like the prior two days: an easy blog posting since we aren’t doing a bunch and start work around 7:30/8am. I’ve enjoyed […]

  • I slept until 6:20am which is pretty late for me. The blog went up quickly since there were only a few photos and I started […]

  • Tuesday, I went back to work. I don’t remember what time I woke up, but it was early enough to get Monday’s blog up then […]

  • I slept until almost 6am which, at almost 8 hours of sleep, was both unusual and welcomed. I made coffee and finished the blog about […]

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