Day 9: Buckingham Palace, and a Tour for Muggles


It’s Tuesday, this is my last day in London. Did it on foot for the most part and it was my 2nd highest walking of the day at 12.1 miles. (“Roaming” in Paris was 14.6). And boy are my feet feeling it, with a blister to prove it 🙁 But it was great fun. On […]


Day 8: St. Paul’s Cathedral and Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios


I started Monday with a good 7 hours of sleep, waking around 5am. I finished the blog and went in search of breakfast. This is the first time I’ve stayed in a place where I have to find breakfast outside. It had always either been included, or there was enough of a kitchen available where […]

Day 7: York


I no longer remember where the idea of doing a day trip to York came from. Maybe it was because my friend, Art, who you’ll meet later this week, went there last year when he did a week in England by himself. Maybe it’s the many times it’s referenced in Downton Abbey, or some combination […]

Day 6: Paris to London


This was one of those days when it wasn’t always fun to travel, but it turned out great in the end, which makes me appreciate it that much more. As someone said to me earlier today: no rain, no rainbows 🙂 I got up about 6:20, so roughly 6.5 hours sleep, not too bad. Started […]

Day 5: Paris, Part 4 – Meandering in Montmartre


For a day I left unplanned intentionally and didn’t do much by design, somehow I still have over 60 photos and walked 8.6 miles. I don’t understand how that happens! To close a loop on something from earlier, a savvy reader pointed out that, while at the Montmartre museum the other day, I’d taken a […]

Day 4: Paris, Part 3 – It’s an Impressionist kinda day


Impressionism is my favorite period of art, and Claude Monet my favorite artist of that period. (Cliche, I know, but oh well.) I planned this day to celebrate that, with a visit to Monet’s gardens during the day and the d’Orsay later since it has evening hours on Thursdays. The d’Orsay has one of the […]

Day 3: Paris, Part 2 – Montmartre and the Louvre


Wednesday got off to a normal start finally – up at 5am, worked on the blog for a couple of hours then went downstairs for breakfast to finish it. I either didn’t realize or had forgotten that I picked places that included breakfast – for some reason I’ve been envisioning having to go out every […]

Day 2: Paris, Part 1 – Roaming


It is 5am on Wednesday morning and I’m writing the blog entry for Tuesday. All is right with the world. It’s funny how out-of-sorts I was the start of the last couple of days over bad internet connections getting in the way of what has so become my travel routine. I kept having to remind […]

Day 1: Cologne


I fell asleep pretty early Sunday night, around 9:30, but was somehow wide awake at 12:30. Thankfully I was able to get back to sleep, although not until 3:30 or so probably. I woke up around 7am and felt much better. So maybe 6.5 hours sleep total? I’ll take it. The hotel has breakfast available, […]

Departure: Sacramento to Cologne: Thu, 8/16 thru Sun 8/19


Because I had a 6:25am flight out of SFO on Saturday morning, I’d planned all along to spend that Friday night in South San Francisco so it would be easy to get to. Turned out I had to work in Oakland all day on Friday so I added a night to my reservation and went […]

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