Living Room


[Apologies for all the posting. I’m moving material over from one platform to another…]

Technically, the only changes we made to the living room were paint, flooring, new light fixtures, and added a cabinet. But as you walk into the living space from the entry, you get a feel of a whole unit right away because of the view into the kitchen, which you didn’t get before.

Now you see it.
Now you don’t.

I didn’t get a “before” shot from this angle when the tenants were still there. We took this on the first day after they moved out.

A fun little “during” shot.

We had that mirror in the dining room in Davis. We were surprised how different that room looked and felt when we took it down. It had the same trans-formative effect here.

All of the above was originally written in 2015 and moved here on 5/25/2020. To see the inside of the house, go to Living Room Part 2 next.

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