Category: 2017: Pasadena, Glendale, Palos Verdes Peninsula – Christmas

Day 5, Dec 27: Long Beach and the Palos Verdes Peninsula

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Last day of this fun little jaunt over Christmas. Dan flies out of LAX tomorrow morning and I will drive home after dropping him at the airport. It’s been a very relaxing trip and we finished it in a similarly relaxing way – not a lot planned beyond walking through pretty scenery. We went down […]

Day 4, Dec 26: Warner Bros. Studios; Pasadena, Part 2

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Breakfast in the hotel returned to its 6am weekday schedule on Tuesday so we went down when it opened. After we relaxed in front of the fire in the open area outside of the restaurant. Vacation, right? It’s allowed. The big activity of the day was Warner Bros. Studios. This was definitely one of my […]

Day 3, Dec 25: LA Neighborhoods

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We had a light schedule on Christmas Day, which we knew we would and were looking forward to a relaxing day. We took our time with breakfast in the morning and didn’t leave the hotel until about 10:30am. We went to Burbank to see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” We’re both pretty big SW fans […]

Day 2, Dec 24: Pasadena & Glendale

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This was Sunday, for those of us (namely me) having trouble keeping track of what day it is. We had breakfast in the hotel and got an early start, leaving before 8:30. The plan was to go to the theater we would be going to today and buy the tickets a day early. It’s one […]

Day 1, Dec 23: Huntington Library


Day 1 of vacation. I’m so happy to be off I can’t seem to remember what day it is. I kept thinking it was Friday; Dan kept thinking it was Sunday. Oh well. (It’s a Saturday, by the way.) As long as we know when to check out I guess that’s all that matters. We […]

Catch-up & Departure


For some reason I am always a little ambivalent about blogging for these more local trips. I think maybe it’s because they’re shorter, and/or I think people won’t be interested, and/or I get in a lazy mood and don’t want the work. It is vacation after all, right? And then I remember a little jaunt […]