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Monday, May 29: Chicago – Day 3 and home

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I’m writing this Tuesday morning, May 30. I took today off as well and I’m so glad I did. Today I get to do what I’d originally intended to do with most of this 5 day weekend: as little as possible. Well, not really, just whatever I want on an unstructured time table. Which is […]

Sunday, May 28: Chicago – Day 2

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I didn’t go to bed until after 1am last night, which is late for me by any standard, since I’m generally in bed by 9:30pm Pacific and I’m 2 hours ahead here. Slept about 5 hours which (unfortunately) is normal, went out to the lounge for coffee about 6:30. Breakfast with Dan then I went […]

Saturday, May 27: Chicago – Day 1


I don’t remember what time I went to bed last night; 11pm probably. Dan was already asleep. We were up a little after 5am. Breakfast was at 6am and there was no coffee in the room so I went out right on the dot. Dan joined me a little while later and we had a […]

Friday, May 26: Catch-up and Travel Day

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I’d started writing this thinking I would do a little synopsis of the year since our last blog, in LA for New Year’s weekend. I sit here a little blank ,realizing it’s hard to summarize. “We’ve been busy” doesn’t seem to cut it. Lots of things are up in the air and/or moving very slowly. […]